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1 Year Premium Membership ( OLD MEMBERS ONLY)

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Flat 20% off (FOR LIMITED TIME PERIOD) On-demand auto updates to new courses note: difference of fees will be charged for new courses (if any) *Provide your telegram number during payment otherwise you will not be added to priority groups* Note: This course is an hybrid course which we are experimenting for only 12 members right now. it will fully be launched in mid-april after the results are satisfactory. Answers to all questions 1) what will be there in the course? Ans. well, exactly the same benefits as the freedom course. same course contents and live sessions. 2.) what's the purpose of this course? Ans. its designed so that you do not have reenroll again and again. And the issue of removing from priority groups will not be a problem. 3.) What if a new course is launched in between these 12 month? Ans. We are launching a new course in mid-april i.e. animated price action course. you can send us a message anywhere that i wish to access this course. Now the price of animated price action course is not the same as freedom course. let say the price is for 4000 for 3months then you will have to pay (4000- 2500)=1500 to access the course. when your animated course expires you will automatically be transferred back to freedom course for rest of the months.




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