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How Can we Assist You?

How much is the cost of the program ?

Currently, we are offering two courses known as "BATCH 13 SWING KING" and "HINDI BATCH" these courses will exhibit the features of basic as well as advance course, the Pricing of the courses is 3000 INR. 

How do I register?

You can be a member of our telegram community for free to discuss your ideas and opinions.

Note: we have a zero tolerance policy for contentious political discourse, defamatory, threaten or discriminatory remarks, hate speech, or personal attacks. You will be blocked immediately.

You need a subscription to be able to join one of our priority groups.

Can I watch videos offline?

You can watch our free monthly videos and posts available on tradingview while you are online. To learn through our courses you will need a subscription. And courses will need an internet connection to watch.

How Long is the membership valid?

All memberships are valid for three month. After three month, you shall renew the membership to retain the access to all new videos and priority groups, old members will be given heavy discounts for future updated courses. 

Do you provide calls?

No, we don’t provide calls. Also, Note: that we are not Sebi registered. Our team only provides educational purpose videos where you can learn how to identify, make and deploy setups on your own.  Also, in the community section, we share charts in the forum, which is more than enough for you to make your trades with your own decision.

If i am not making money after course, can i ask for refund?​​

There is no Refund policy; our strategies have been used by many people already. We know it works flawlessly. Please read our terms and condition before you enroll in the course. 

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